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All about us

The digital leaders are ict helpers. if you need help with ict then ask a digital leader. Digital leaders know a lot about ict and each of them are good at different things.  If you want to know more about each digital leader then you can click digital leader profil on the digital leaders website.  We learn more thing each week on an after school digital leaders on a Monday.  we learn about a lot of things.You can also become a digital leader if you like.

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Blockly and 2Code

Blockly is a programming website that you have to programme the sprite to get to its destination. You can also learn how to code really easily, it takes you through step by step. We would recommend it to any age of amateur coders.

2Code is another easy way to code but it is in our opinion aimed to smaller children. Just like Blockly it gives you lessons and talks you through what your doing.

Annabelle and Chiara