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We are currently lucky enough to have Digital Leaders in all of our classes from year 3-6. Some Digital Leaders have been ’employed’ in the role for almost two years, and they are currently preparing to visit a conference at which they will speak publicly about their experiences. They are also exploring the Raspberry Pi, and we hope to Skype more experienced children about this soon. 

Our first foray into Raspberry Pis

New Digital Leaders were appointed in September and have been learning how to manage our iPads, use a variety of apps and testing new and old equipment. They are now training more new recruits – Mrs Kearney is helping children in y4 to improve their knowledge of all things blogging, iPad and Google. We are hoping that some of these children will be helping to lead staff meetings next term, and will hopefully be speaking to local schools about their experiences as Digital Leaders. 

New recruits looking busy!

Exciting times! 

Creative Commons

Tonight we have been learning about Creative Commons. This allows us to publish some photos from the internet, as long as we attribute the original owner.

For example:

Thanks to Ver en Vivo En Directo for the image.