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How to add an image onto the blog

To put an image onto the blog you have to go to a website called creative commons and then press Flickr. Then search the image you want. Once you’ve chosen your image press the arrow and then click embed. Copy the embed code then paste it onto the text side of your post.


Creative Commons

Thank you to Imran Adbul Jabar for this image

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This week our Digital Leaders met for the first time this year. We explored the Micro:bit, a small computer that can allow the user to program various things, from badges to games and more.

We started by sending a simple message across the LED screen, before looking at how to code an interactive badge that animated between a happy or a sad face.

The day after this, the Digital Leaders in year 6 led their classes through short tasks. They did brilliantly and were really clear about their instructions.

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