• Morfo is an app that allows you to make ordinary pictures move and talk. Also,this app is popular among children.
  • On the app, you take any picture you like and transform it into an almost-living picture. Firstly, you save a picture and upload it onto the app. Secondly, you put a replica of the eyes were you think they go, same with the nose and lips. Next, you record what you want it to say ; you can make it scary, knowledgeable or positive. Then , you can save it, put it on the blog or make it a video.
  • My opinion of morfo: I personally like this app because you get to transform a picture or even yourself to a spooky person. We did it on Henry VIII in a living person and it was so funny- I loved it and I made his chin super big. I    really recommend this app for 7 and up 🙂