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  • Morfo is an app that allows you to make ordinary pictures move and talk. Also,this app is popular among children.
  • On the app, you take any picture you like and transform it into an almost-living picture. Firstly, you save a picture and upload it onto the app. Secondly, you put a replica of the eyes were you think they go, same with the nose and lips. Next, you record what you want it to say ; you can make it scary, knowledgeable or positive. Then , you can save it, put it on the blog or make it a video.
  • My opinion of morfo: I personally like this app because you get to transform a picture or even yourself to a spooky person. We did it on Henry VIII in a living person and it was so funny- I loved it and I made his chin super big. I    really recommend this app for 7 and up 🙂


Safer Internet Day 2017

Our Digital Leaders led the morning’s assembly before creating their own advice about how to stay safe online.


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How to add an image onto the blog

To put an image onto the blog you have to go to a website called creative commons and then press Flickr. Then search the image you want. Once you’ve chosen your image press the arrow and then click embed. Copy the embed code then paste it onto the text side of your post.


Creative Commons

Thank you to Imran Adbul Jabar for this image

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This week our Digital Leaders met for the first time this year. We explored the Micro:bit, a small computer that can allow the user to program various things, from badges to games and more.

We started by sending a simple message across the LED screen, before looking at how to code an interactive badge that animated between a happy or a sad face.

The day after this, the Digital Leaders in year 6 led their classes through short tasks. They did brilliantly and were really clear about their instructions.

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Online Safety

Over the last few weeks, the Digital Leaders have been creating a questionnaire to find out more about how safe the St. Joseph’s children are online. You can see this below.

Today, the team interviewed 60 children from across KS2 and will soon be reporting their findings back to Mrs Churchill. They will also be involved in speaking to parents and other classes as they help the school to become even safer online.




How to embed a Scratch project


Screencastify at Digital Leaders

Today at Digital  Leaders we went on the chrome books and did an app called Screencastify it is basically where you record your screen doing helpful video tutorials. We did How to embed a recording from Audio Boom into a blog post, How to embed a Google Slide to the blog, How to embed a Google drawing into a blog post, How to embed a photograph, How to embed a video and I think other ones as well. If you want to find out how to do all these things go to our How to page and find out to do all these things and put them on your class blog click this link:



Audio Boom

Pixel Press Floors App

On Monday at Digital Leaders we went on an app called Floors. It’s basically your own Mario. You draw your video game on the app and then it comes to life. You can add features for example, moving blocks, spikes, fireballs, portals and many more features. You can play other people’s games and share your games with other people so it’s one of the best apps I’ve played on.

If you want to have a go on the app press this link:

Pixel Press Floors: Draw Your Own Video Game by Pixel Press Technology

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Are you in year 6 next year? Do you have an interest in becoming a Digital Leader? If so, read on…

Next year we are looking for some new Digital Leaders to join the team. So far, we will have three year 6 DLs, nine year 5 DLs and four from year four. We would like a few more year six leaders, so please do the following if you’re interested. 

  • Write a short blog post in your class blog about why you should become a Digital Leader. Think about what skills you already have, what you would like to learn and what your interests are. 
  • Mrs Churchill, Mrs Kearney and I will then invite some of you to an interview in the new year. 
  • If successful, you will be selected and invited to our after school clubs. 

Some of the things that our Digital Leaders have done in the past:

  • Organised and helped with an ICT day
  • Visited the BETT show in London
  • Presented at a Digital Leaders conference
  • Exhibited at the East Midlands Big Bang Fair
  • Led staff and parent meetings

As well as all this, you will be learning new skills, trying out new apps and websites, and become a hugely important part of our school. 

Good luck!