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On Friday 16th March me and a couple of other Yr6 Digital Leaders from our school went to Solihull,Birmingham for the Digital Leader Kids meet.It was a time to see what Digital Leaders from other schools use technology wise.It was also a chance to meet other digital leaders and learn about different apps,games and orthotics.On the day we learnt about app smashing,using coding to play minecraft, 3d printing and sphero.

 App smashing is where you use multiple apps to produce something else.App smashing can involve many different apps.We used explain everything,green screen and two other apps

To use coding to play minecraft we used RasberryPi’s (a mini computer). It was really fun.We had to also use a tool called python to write down the code. 

 3d printing is really clever.At the bottom of a 3d printer it has a glass panel that needs to be heated.Strands of plastic are melted, then layers and layers of approximately 1 millimetre wire comes out of a handy tool that heats the plastic to temperatures of 200°c.

Sphero is a spherical robot that can be programmed by your tablet.You can draw and drive or your can control it yourself. (It is easier to draw and drive)Sphero has so many good things about it.It has an LED Light that can change to any colour,it is water proof,it has Bluetooth connection,it is durable,it has a 30 metre range and its only £100.

Whilst we were there, there was a competition for the fastest time around a 25 squared mat with a Sphero. The time to aim for was 16 seconds made by Systemed (programmers).The prize was a free sphero for your school and Connor (a Digital Leader from our school) won with a time of 16.80 seconds. 

 Overall it was a great experience, I enjoyed every minute and I would love to go again.Well done Connor 🙂 . Thank you all the staff from Arden School for a great day.


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Digital Leader Kidsmeet

Last Friday, the year 6 Digital Leaders visited Arden Academy in Solihull, as they had organised a Kidsmeet for Digital Leaders. This is an event where children lead the way, sharing their experiences as Digital Leaders. 

Our year 6 children were the first to present – they had created a slideshow all about how the Digital Leaders work at school. They were slightly nervous but delivered their presentation very professionally! 



After each school had presented, the children split off into groups to visit workshops. Our children were lucky enough to see 3D printing, Kodu and Sphero, but the most popular was the workshop that allowed the children to hack into Minecraft. 



Finally, the children gathered back in the main hall to collect a bag of goodies and to see if they had won any prizes. 

We were very lucky, winning a Sphero, a Minecraft book and an Easter egg! 

We would like to thank Mrs Allton and all at Arden Academy for their kindness and dedication in organising the event. Well done to our Digital Leaders as well – a real credit to the school.