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How to embed a Scratch project


Screencastify at Digital Leaders

Today at Digital  Leaders we went on the chrome books and did an app called Screencastify it is basically where you record your screen doing helpful video tutorials. We did How to embed a recording from Audio Boom into a blog post, How to embed a Google Slide to the blog, How to embed a Google drawing into a blog post, How to embed a photograph, How to embed a video and I think other ones as well. If you want to find out how to do all these things go to our How to page and find out to do all these things and put them on your class blog click this link:



Pixel Press Floors App

On Monday at Digital Leaders we went on an app called Floors. It’s basically your own Mario. You draw your video game on the app and then it comes to life. You can add features for example, moving blocks, spikes, fireballs, portals and many more features. You can play other people’s games and share your games with other people so it’s one of the best apps I’ve played on.

If you want to have a go on the app press this link:

Pixel Press Floors: Draw Your Own Video Game by Pixel Press Technology

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