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Raspberry Pi – Minecraft

The year 6 Digital Leaders have been trying their hand at using a Raspberry Pi, which is a small computer. It allows the user to input code and ‘hack’ into games and programs. Naturally, the first game we wanted to hack was Minecraft!

Following the advice of Minecraft expert Martin O’Hanlon, who we met at the Digital Leaders’ Conference, we wrote a short piece of code to say hello within the game. This initially didn’t work but we realised this was because we weren’t saving the code in the right place!

We then moved on to trying trickier things. Sadie quickly programmed Steve to lay a diamond path wherever he walked:

In the background, you might hear somebody asking ‘why doesn’t mine work?’ This became a key question for the rest of the session.

Writing a piece of code that doesn’t work can be frustrating but is essential when debugging. We quickly came to learn that Python (the programming language) tells us where the bug might be, so we were then able to find problems and correct them.

Connor was able to edit his code himself:


We then started to write a piece of code that builds our own house in the Minecraft world. This will continue next week – watch this space!

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Our form about Minecraft

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