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How to put a picture and slideshow from Picasa onto the blog!

Poppy and I have made a Screenr on how to do this. It will tell you step by step on how to do this and there will also be a video.



Kimi and Joe have added some information to tell you how to turn a photo album into a slideshow.


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When The Governors Came!

This slideshow is about when the Governors came on Tuesday.We showed them about the Ipads and Chromebooks.



The Governors came because we had to show them how Mrs Churchill has used the money that the Governors have gave us for the ipads and chrome books.We showed them Purple Mash, Puppet pals, Morfo booth, Comic life, blogs and google docs.

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Digital Leaders Poster

This is a poster about digital leaders and it will tell you what we do. This was by me and Poppy.

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