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Scratch Joke

This is an animation that I make on scratch.

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All about us

The digital leaders are ict helpers. if you need help with ict then ask a digital leader. Digital leaders know a lot about ict and each of them are good at different things.  If you want to know more about each digital leader then you can click digital leader profil on the digital leaders website.  We learn more thing each week on an after school digital leaders on a Monday.  we learn about a lot of things.You can also become a digital leader if you like.

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Picasa photo

This is a picasa slideshow that I made about my holiday.    

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When The Governors Came!

This slideshow is about when the Governors came on Tuesday.We showed them about the Ipads and Chromebooks.



The Governors came because we had to show them how Mrs Churchill has used the money that the Governors have gave us for the ipads and chrome books.We showed them Purple Mash, Puppet pals, Morfo booth, Comic life, blogs and google docs.

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To get the popplet onto the blog first you need to make a popplet then press share.  After you press share press the crocodile sign.  After you press the crocodile sign a page will come up. one will say embed code you need to copy and paste it onto the html part of the blog.  I hope you try it this is a popplet that I made. Do you like it?



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